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I wanted to do some growth test with mycelium so I inoculate 3 types of mycelium in 4 types of nutrient medium.

. Schyzophilum Grey Oyster Tempeh starter
Coffee Ground x x x
Dog Food x x x
Liquid Nutrient x x x
Agar Nutrient x x x

Make and sterilise the medium

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are sterilised by the process of making coffee (when the boiled water pass into the coffee) so I directly took some coffee ground after making me a coffee and I spread it in 3 sterile petri dishes. Then I let them cool down to room temperature.

Dog Food

I crushed dried dog kibble and I spread them in 3 glass petri dishes that I reserved.

Liquid Nutrient

I prepared a pot with:

  • 250ml distilled water
  • 0,75g of Malt extract
  • 0,75g of Yeast extract
  • 1,25g of Peptone
  • 2,5g of Glucose

I mixed it and I reserved.

(The recipe come from the biofabforum )

Agar Nutrient

I mixed 7g of agar powder with 250ml of distilled water in a pot and I reserved.

(The recipe was on the agar powder box)

Autoclaving with pressure cooker

  1. I first put pieces of autoclave tape in each petri dishes and pots and I put all of them in the pressure cooker.
  2. I filled 1/3 of the pressure cooker with water
  3. I closed the autoclave (make sure it's perfectly closed), lock it and turn on the heat to the maximum
  4. It takes normally 10-20 min for the red pressure valve goes up (it's like a little button located on the lid of the autoclave)
  5. Then I turned the heat to the middle point and wait 15-20 min more
  6. I Released the pressure by keeping the valve up with a tweezers and then I opened the If there is black lines on the autoclave tape, the sterilization process is done !

Then, I let everything cool down to room temperature before the inoculation.


See below my inoculation set up:

To create a sterilised area, I turn on the gaz burner and spread some ethanol around it. Ethanol evaporates and this creates a sterile area between the table and the fire inside where you can work.

I filled all the petri dishes with the different kind of medium.

I first inoculated mycelium schizophilum in the 4 different kind of nutrients.

I then inoculated mycelium grey oyster in the 4 different kind of nutrients.

I finally inoculated tempeh starter in the 4 different kind of nutrients.

And I let them incubate at 26°C, and wait and see.

Created 09/10/2019

Updated 09/10/2019